LulzBot TAZ5 spool holder

LulzBot TAZ 5 spool holder

taz5The LulzBot TAZ 5 has been an amazing printer so far, but I’ve never been a fan of side loading filament, which is how the printer comes stock. Side loading with the tube also limits the number of filaments you can have at the same time.

So I of course designed my own take on a top loading filament holder and made a little video below:


It is adjustable via two screws that will pull or push the fillament holdertwo arms at the same time. The screw design came from LoboCNC‘s spool holder.┬áThe new arms are available by clicking these links: SLDPRT, STL.

This design can support filament spools:

  • from 1.1″-3.5″ wide
  • larger than 4.85″ in diameter

Have fun printing!


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