Design It


camera-stabilazation-compressedWe will align your product with client needs. We look at what is out there, how your new product will be different, and what price point is a good target.

Once the concept has been generated, it is often prudent to return to this initial planning stage to see what future clients think about the look, form, and function of the potential design.

Together, we will set realistic expectations for your product development. Our experience will let us make a timeline that takes engineering, design, and manufacturing requirements into consideration. This plan for implementation will help you know when and how to launch your product.


patentEKS Designs recommends our help in searching existing patents early on to ensure your product does not infringe on any existing intellectual property. This is especially important for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Design criteria may need to be revised early on to avoid barriers later on.

Concept Generation

Generating multiple concepts is a great way to ensure your product has the wow factor that will grab consumers, while also balancing cost and complexity. Often generating more concepts will generate more ideas/features and often better patent protection. With our help one can be chosen, or the best features in each can be combined with client feedback.


Our engineers use the latest tools to make your prototype or product a reality. Your product will be modeled in 3d CAD software so that manufacturing can begin.


Whether it is for appearance check, proof of concept, function check, or small production runs, EKS Designs can help. Knowing what the end goal of the prototype is will help define the goals, specification, and budget.

Iterate and Test

Via rapid prototyping, this cycle of concept generation, engineering, prototyping, and testing can iterate your product from an idea to something finished.

Mass manufacture and cost reduction

Once the product has been finalized, EKS Designs can help you and your team reach out to local or overseas manufacturing to start higher production runs of your product and help with cost reduction.